Excellent service. Very pleased with the repairs to my dad’s very old watch. Highly recommend.

Paul Smithy

A really top class watch repair shop – they can pretty much fix anything and I’d trust them with any of my watches.

Janice Bowling

Such a find and on my doorstep! Repaired one of my favourite bracelets when I thought it wasn’t possible. Will return. Highly recommend

Noel Adams

Thank you to Terry at William Mansell. I had recently inherited a Victorian silver pocket watch. The watch had been consigned to a drawer for fifty years and was very much in need of attention: The case, crystal and watch. Terry completed a full repair and restoration and returned the watch to me in full working order and looking beautiful. I was further delighted as the Goldsmiths’, Assay Office assessed the overall condition as “Good/Fair”. My family now has a gorgeous, working item that will continue to be passed through the generations. The next caretaker will be the original owner’s great-great granddaughter.

Roger Fowler

SIMPLY THE BEST! My 70-year-old K. M. Siegerin military wristwatch was in need of urgent Tender Loving Care. It was stopping all over the place and on top of that I lost the winder. By luck, three weeks ago I came across the William Mansell website on Google. I telephoned them and spoke to their receptionist, Terry. I went to William Mansell the next day and met Terry. She was very courteous and explained all I needed to know regarding the repair and full service of my wristwatch including the minimum and maximum price and assured me that my wristwatch would be well looked after. Terry also explained that if my wristwatch required parts that could not be sourced then they would get in touch with me for MY APPROVAL to make the parts at an additional cost. Now, this is what I call service!  No grey areas, everything explained as it should be.  William Mansell are very fortunate to have Terry as their front of house receptionist, if only other companies were so lucky. Two weeks later, Monday 13 March, I received a telephone call from Terry informing me that my wristwatch was ready for collection, needless to say I was over the moon. (more…)

Macaulay Harrison

After researching online for jewellery shops, I happened to fortunately come across ‘William Mansell’.
The positive reviews from others confirmed my decision to take my precious piece of jewellery to William Mansell for alternation.
On arrival I was greeted by a very friendly receptionist who made me feel welcome and ensured my valuables was going to be looked after and cared for.
I received a text fairly shortly after my visit, telling me that my jewellery had been altered and was ready for collection.
Overall, I am very happy and impressed with the service and the way William Mansell has gone about their business and will be defiantly for sure using their service in the future for other pieces of jewellery.

Ian Freeman

”I almost stumbled upon horologists William Mansell when I was in London for an appointment nearby a couple of years ago now.
My watch collection seemed to be growing as were timepieces which needed a little tlc or more, Will the proprietor was my answer! He was happy to look at anything without the usual ”oh this will need a full service Sir, as well as the new glass you need” which I found all the big London names would say.
I have not looked back since whether a glass, crown, polish, overhaul, minor or full repair, or just advice.”

But shhhh William Mansell is my secret!

Giangerolamo Pirinoli

Walking through Willam Mansell door is a time-machine like experience (forgive me the pun).
A lovely business of old – it is a compliment – where one can feel and breathe the care, craftmanship, attention for details, and passion for watches and jewellery.
Any serious watch enthusiast cannot help but feel like a children catapulted in the most luxurious of candy-shops.
I need to quote most of the reviews before mine – well, all except one. Excellent courtesy, quality of service, price and communication.
The problem is that they put me in a position where I will not settle for anything less than their sky-high standards.
The good part is that they are a stone thrown from my office and now I will not allow anyone else touching my watches, even with a long bargepole.

Peter Mason

This is the first time I’ve been to William Mansell. I put an Omega Dynamic in for repair and an Ikepod for a service and polish. Within a couple of hours I received the repair quote by text and was also told that my Ikepod didn’t need servicing yet, which was very good of them to tell me. Two weeks later I have both watches back and I’m very happy with the work, which was done at a reasonable price. One final thing that impressed me was a comment that, if necessary, they can make the parts for watches if they can’t be sourced elsewhere. Thanks, and I’ll be back in future when I need further work done.

Mark Thorne

Will has repaired and serviced both of my beloved watches. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to take on this work. Other than the manufactures themselves you would be pushed to find an equal. Fair price together with a courteous and fast service. Highly recommend. Thanks guys and girls.

Ian Durant

Fab place, fab service, fab prices. They did a great repair and maintenance job on my two watches. They’ve been there since 1864 for a reason. Highly recommended.

Alexei Tchernitser

Great service – honest, fast and very reasonably priced. William Mansell repaired my watch where others refused or offered to charge me an arm and a leg. I am very happy I found this place – highly recommended!

Judith Symons

It was brilliant to find someone who would come to the house and bring our two long case clocks back to life!

Neil Shorney

I badly damaged my 1940s watch in an accident leaving it in a terrible state – the case had deep scratches and the glass was missing. William Mansell gave me an estimate of £80 for the repair and that’s what it cost me. The owner did an excellent job – you have to look carefully to notice that there was anything wrong. It only took 4 days and I received a text saying the watch was ready. Very impressed!

Adam B

William Mansell restored my faith in watch repair after a horrendous experience with Goldsmiths in Kingston and a particularly bad experience with a small stand horologist in Aldershot. These previous exploits left me respectively with an Omega TC2 apparently beyond economical repair despite only needing some new batteries (thanks Swatch for the last diagnosis!!) and in the case of the independent horologist an Omega Seamaster in a worse condition that I’d brought it in with and a TC2 fitted with the wrong batteries (not deep enough) causing the time to skip occasionally and me thinking that perhaps Swatch were correct. Anyway, back to the point and the good bits. I visited Will’s delightfully quirky shop and was pleased in the interest that he took in my watches and confidence that he could get them all sorted. Indeed that very afternoon he called me to say that he’d fitted the correct batteries in the Omega TC2 and that it seemed to be working perfectly. He also supplied me with a quote to service the Seamaster properly, replace the bezel and polish it up. I collected the TC2 the next day and it worked just as new; I was particularly impressed that Will’s knowledge and ability with timepieces old and new meant that he had already set the time correctly (it’s tricky and involves magnets on a TC2). In due course (the bezel had to be ordered) the Seamaster was ready and to be honest with you it looked as good as new and has continued to work beautifully since the service. I’m a very happy customer and would eagerly recommend Will’s services. I sincerely hope that his shop and others like it that really do have the knowledge and the care in their art continue for long to come! He also has a very lovely dog who presumably bites yer leg if you don’t pay! 😉 Good work. Thanks Will!

Benjamin Brown

beautiful shop with incredibly knowledgeable staff. When my 80s Tag watch stopped I first took it to a Bond Street watch seller. They told me that it would have to be sent back to the manufacturer and the cost of repair would be valued by them. After a month or so they informed me that it would cost nearly six hundred pounds. I’d prepared myself to pay about half as much, so I balked and asked them to send it back to me unfixed (even that cost £100!) On a friend’s recommendation I contacted William Mansell and they said they would look at it for free. It took them just a few days to fix (both the time and the date, which needed a new part), and they charged me less than a sixth of the price. I won’t go anywhere else in future, and have even brought them my mum’s old timepieces from outside London. It is a shame that there are so few shops these days like William Mansell, with the specialists required to make the repairs in house. I am delighted to have found them. Very highly recommended.

Unknown Writer

… in this soul-less day and age to find that timeless values like care, service and craftsmaship still exist. I entrusted my old brass ship’s clock to Mansell’s and it came back lovingly restored and keeping perfect time again. The bill was fully itemised and very reasonable, considering the amount of effort involved in complete disassembly, lubrication, restoring some of the bearings and renewing the mainspring. I noted while there that they also have a great line in some very desirable second hand wristwatches. You can even park outside… sort of.

Quality craftmanship and great service. Ticking along nicely. Thank you for your care and attention.

Unknown Writer

William Mansell’s are part of a dying breed, who actually believe in providing a decent service to their customers. Always polite and helpful, they will tell you straight if something is worth fixing, or advise you if not. This down to earth family business has been operating for well over a century and, hopefully, will still be here long after the last canine sushi bar has bitten the dust.

Unknown writer

I’ve been popping in and out of William Mansell’s for a number of years now – getting timepieces repaired and checking out the stock for a new addition to my collection. It’s like stepping back into another age – and I don’t just mean the Dickensian feel of the shop. You get a fair and honest deal and the work done is absolutely top notch. I would recommend this shop and its manager to everyone.

Unknown Writer

Craftsmanship is as rare as hen’s teeth especially in our fully automated high-tech society where the there is only a requiem for the idea of repair. That is precisely why I was so relieved and so thrilled to come across William Mansell. A clock and watch repairer; a specie so rare I thought it had become extinct. Now with the expert hands of a sensitive, sympathetic and experienced craftsman my grandfather clock, my station clock and my vintage Rolex and Le Coutre wristwatches have been brought back to life. Thank you William Mansell, your unique, intricate and masterful work has brought a smile back to the faces of my irreplaceable watches and clocks.