A Little History on an Art Deco Vitascope

Art Deco Vitascope clock with automaton rocking ship on an illuminated ocean scene with a cloud background.  It has original ‘Art Deco’ hands and an electric movement, cream Bakelite case and an original grey metal back with start wind and light switch, & labelled ‘Vitascope Industries Ltd’.

The clock  was designed in 1941 by a Mr J.S.Thatcher. Powered by a 230 volt 50 cycles mains supply  to a synchronous movement which drives both the hands and the automata. The ship rides on an oval shaped cam which makes it lift and roll. It is lit from the back of the case through a cylinder. The cylinder made up of coloured strips of gelatine giving the effects of sunrise and sunset as it gently rotates.

Apparently the ship is seen to be a replica of the famous tea clipper, ‘The Cutty Sark.  Launched in 1869 on the river Clyde the Ship can still be seen today at Greenwich Dock in London.

These clocks, with cases of various colours, including cream, white, brown, green and pink, were manufactured in The Isle of Man.

IMG_2891 vitascope

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