Antiques Sourcing

The instability and depressed state of world bond and equity markets is a factor in our favour, with many people hedging their investment portfolios by including the antiques market. Investment in antique clocks, which are exempt from Capital Gains Tax, has shown better returns than almost any other investment over the last 50 years. As a result the market is growing, as more and more people are becoming collectors of these important and valuable investments.

Our sourcing service for vintage and classic timepieces is in great demand. We constantly strive to expand our market share by experimenting with new products that will attract a younger audience. Over the last year we have invested in the emerging “classics” market – 1970s ‘retro’ watches and clocks. This range has attracted new, younger customers in the 20s-40s age group and our stock was depleted within weeks, with many follow-up enquiries and requests for similar items.